10 Poetic “Said” Alternatives

Said is a solid and useful dialogue tag. But here are also other examples you can use from time to time:

“And the mountains blushed with haze,” he sang.SingMake musical sounds with the voice, usually a tune with words.
“It’s w, not m,” he articulated.ArticulateSpeak clearly.
“Of course, you are the best!” Laura cajoled.CajolePersuade someone to do something they might not want to do, by pleasant talk and (sometimes false) promises.
“He said it. It’s here, here,” he echoed.EchoRepeat after someone.
“Just a bruise? It’s a huge black wound!” she magnified.MagnifyIncrease or exaggerate the importance or effect of.
“She is your best choice for this,” he extolled.ExtolPraise something or someone very much.
“Dirt and stones will rain on us from there,” he prophesized.ProphesySay that (a specified thing) will happen in the future.
“Remember, speak clearly. Clearly,” she reiterated.ReiterateSay something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.
“Nothing smells like roses,” he recited.ReciteRepeat aloud or declaim (a poem or passage) from memory before an audience.
“I chose him, and only him,” he proclaimed.ProclaimAnnounce officially or publicly, or declare.

See more vocabulary alternatives useful for writers! Poetic, amiable, angry, cute, and joyful said versions.

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