Show vs. Tell: 10 Practical examples: Surprise

Clarence and Sophia were so surprised… Well, there are also other, more elegant, options to make your readers feel what you write.

The snake looked down. The boy jumped from the shelf.Jump
“You cannot inherit this estate, Madame,” The lawyer said. The Dutchess stared at him with her mouth opened.Open mouth
She froze as the message beeped.Freeze
He tried to shake off the spider with a scream.Scream
“This can’t be!” Veronica gasped for breath.Gasp for breath
Grandmother put her hand on her chest and shook her head as the thieves ran away.Put hand on chest
“And you did this all by yourself?” His eyes opened wide as he stared at the project.Open eyes wide
She stood there speechless as the grades of her son shone red on the paper.Be speechless
Mum entered. The children stood up from the half-finished present.Stand up
“And the profit rose despite our estimations,” the clerk said.
“Really?” The manager raised his eyebrow.
Raise eyebrow

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