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I began my writing career as a Poet. In 2003, my verses were first featured in “Stories of Life – The International Library of Poetry” and “The Best Poems and Poets of 2003.” In 2017, a collection of my poems was then published in an anthology titled “The Four Charms: Faith, Hope, Love, Luck.”

I made my debut as an Author in May, 2016, with the publication of my first fiction book, “Follow Your Heart. (The Styles Trilogy, Book I).” The second book in the series, ” A Diamond Heart (The Styles Trilogy, Book II)” followed in December, 2017. My story telling in this series weaves elements of familiar people and events set in foreign places with the intention of engaging the reader’s imagination from beginning to end.

“An Unexpected Road to Motherhood,” released in May 2020, was my first released self help book. In it I share the story of woman who becomes a better versions of herself in the hopes of inspiring my readers to do the same.


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The poetry I wrote is very personal. For that reason alone, it took decades for me to work up the courage to share it with the world. It was not that I doubted my talent but rather I had to find that place within myself where I was strong enough to feel vulnerable. There is an innate vulnerability in being an Author but little more so than when you write poetry or self-help books that disclose the intricacies of your soul.

When I made the transition to being an Author, I again shared intimate details of my own life but I presented them in way that transported the reader to a foreign place and time. It was an invitation to take escape the realities of the often times too real work in which we live if even for a short time. I worked months on the manuscripts, endured rewrite after rewrite, editorial review and so on only to meet margin success.

The second book in the series met even less success still I would not let that deter me. It was then that I happened upon the Mark Twain quote, “write what you know.”

My latest stride towards reaching my ultimate goal of being a best-selling author is a self-help book about the first years of motherhood. It is an honest look into the little discussed reality that the transition into motherhood can be far more challenging than one might imagine yet it is by far a journey worth taking.

It was this piece that was finally accepted by a publishing house and made me feel like I was finally on the road to realizing my dream. It has been one month since the publication of this book and I am finding that marketing is perhaps harder than writing the book.

I have to imagine that most Authors set out to write a best seller but have to, one time or another, contemplate the reality that they may or may not reach that goal. Do you keep writing for the love of the art in a pursuit of the dream or do you accept the apparent writing on the wall? Either way, I honestly believe that to be an Author is to be comfortable with the truth that your life isn’t perfect (whose is?) and that you are strong enough in character to admit it to the world.

If you are anything like me, I write because it is who I am not what I do. It comes as naturally to me as breathing for I see the world in stories. Stories that I want to share with the world.

In order to promote my book I set up an Author website and I created an Author page on Facebook. I have also become active on social media like Twitter and Instagram. I joined GoodReads, set up an Author profile and joined several groups. I have also joined groups on Facebook that are geared toward promoting new authors and learning from seasoned authors. 
Marketing can be challenging especially when you are starting out so I follow up on every lead I can find.. interviews, offers to review my book on Amazon, etc. One lead leads to another and another and I follow the travel where it leads me when it makes sense. 
The visibility is coming slowly but surely so I just keep at it a little bit every day. In the meantime I am writing another book that I will market in the same way and using the same instructions. 

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Every time a person visits my Author web site, likes my facebook page, follows me on Instagram or reviews my book, I am validated in my pursuit of this rewarding art. I have not certainty that I will one day be known as a best-selling author yet I will continue to pursue the dream for doing otherwise would mean I would not live my life true to myself. As Walt Disney said “All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”

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