10 Angry “Said” Alternatives

Said is a solid and useful dialogue tag. But here are also other examples you can use from time to time:

“That was a mistake,” the thief hissed.HissTo say something in quiet angry way.
“Are you sure?” the dragon grumbled.GrumbleTo mutter in discontent.
“Tell me the truth now!” Anne demanded.DemandTo call for something in an authoritative way, to call for urgently, imperiously, or insistently.
“Now you will die,” she growled.GrowlTo complain angrily.
“And how did it help you?” he snarled.SnarlTo growl with a snapping, gnashing, or display of teeth.
“You fool!” Andrew snapped.SnapTo utter sharp biting words, to utter curtly or abruptly.
“Another mistake,” Lucy grunted.GruntA low, short guttural sound made by an animal or a person.
“You will go to school or else say goodbye to your computer,” Mum threatened.ThreatenTo utter threats or warnings.
“Because it was mine!” Anne barked.BarkTo speak in a curt loud and usually angry tone
“And they spilled milk again!” Aunt ranted.RantTo talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner, to scold vehemently.

See more vocabulary alternatives useful for writers! Poetic, amiable, angry, cute, and joyful said versions.

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