Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions

It is here. Year 2021. 2020 was a very unexpected challenge for the whole world. The COVID 19 crisis swept us and the bad news just keep coming. But we all must hope and see this new beginning as an opportunity to move forward. We, writers, have one advantage. We can write almost everywhere. Here are some ideas to make this year count. Make new steps in your writing career.

Try new beta readers or critique partners

Maybe you still feel your chapters need more readers. But maybe you did not have a good experience with new readers. Or you just did not have time to reach out last year. It is time for a change. Write a good request and get help with your novel. If you have time, do not be shy and become a critique partner. Other writers deserve help as well, right?

Finish five short stories

Short stories are very useful for any writer. They are… short 🙂 quickly done, quickly read. One of the major advantages is practice. You can test new writing techniques or topics on them. Different writing tense? A new type of point of view? A genre you have never tried before? Do you have an idea for a brand new and amazing character that just does not fit into your book/s?

You can try your luck and participate in various writing competitions with these short stories.

Or you can place them on your blog and give your readers some extra reading. A growing fanbase is what every single author needs.

Finishing a short story, as already pointed out, does not take as much time as completing a novel. Therefore, having a few done and polished short stories can boost your self-esteem and fuel your writing spirit.

Get at least 20 rejections

No author avoids rejections. Such an option simply does not exist. But getting rejections means you are courageous enough to actively work on your writing career. It means you have finished some writing. It means you did your research. This year, try to get published. It can be your book. It can be a short story in an anthology. It can be an article… Find whatever decent place where your piece of writing can be accepted and send it there! The real aim of this resolution is not to get rejected. It is about you reaching out, learning to find publishing opportunities, and overcoming your anxiety from rejection.

Make a publishing plan

Is your finished manuscript waiting in a folder for months and months? Or even years? Why not publish in 2022? This year, you can dedicate your time to research as much as possible about promotion, plan your virtual book tour, find possible reviewers, start a blog, get to know other successful authors…

Buy fellow author’s book

You probably follow at least some writing communities. Facebook, Goodreads, fora, Twitter, Instagram… Authors often promote their work. And you yourself know how important it is to sell your work. Especially if you are an indie author. If you spot a book that interests you, do not hesitate and buy it if you can afford it!

Let the author know about it if you like their work. You may get another fan and buyer as well.

Write reviews

Of course, if you buy the book as mentioned above, a review is a very welcomed option. But you can write reviews about many other books you have read in your life.

Reviews can be just another part of your growing blog. You can gain followers who like your reviews. Goodreads is a great place for this technique, people enjoy well-written reviews and follow. You can attract new readers of your work.

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