Goodreads Groups Ideal for Writers

Goodreads is a great space for books and writers. Here is a list of the most helpful and active groups where you can find free writing resources, support, beta readers and critique partners, free or paid editors, bloggers, reviewers, designers… Be sure not to miss them!

Beta Reader Group is a wonderful place to find many supportive beta readers and critique partners. The group is very active and you can be sure someone will respond to a well written request. You can find free help and writing resources. Even blurb and query critiques are a big thing here. You can also hire a professional here. Be sure to have all material for your readers ready.

Goodreads Authors/Readers is dedicated to connecting readers with authors. It is divided by a wide range of genres, and includes folders for writing resources, book websites, videos/trailers, and blogs. The group has truly rich places for different genres and many promotion opportunities.

Beta / Proof Readers is all about helping your manuscript grow and mature. There is a large space for paid services. But you can find free help as well. And the group has several very helpful folders with resources about self-editing and other helpful writing resources. There is also a space for self-promotion.

Authors & Reviewers is about helping authors promote their books. Book bloggers and reviewer can find plenty of space and material to review here. Every month, some fun activity is organized. There is a featured author program, a member of the month, and more. There are, again, a few helpful folders with educational writing resources and tips.

Some Like It Hot! This group is a safe environment, where readers can find awesome new books to obsess over while gaining deeper insight into the creation of their favorite stories. Writers can share their craft, brainstorm and collaborate with peers. Indie Authors are showcased. All writers can find inspiration and camaraderie amongst an audience that understands their profession. Bloggers and Editors can network and discover new reads.
This group contains adult content. As such, you must be over 18.

Do you have any other favorite Goodreads group? Be sure to share in a comment!

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