Goodreads: Author’s Arsenal

We have talked about the Goodreads groups where you can find help as writers. This article is all about author and book promotions once you have published and your books are looking for a new home.

Book Quotes

That’s right! Your books hide many golden quotes, right? There are thousands and thousands of book quotes on Goodreads and people love going through them, sharing them, copying them… Do not hesitate and add your own and get noticed.

  • You should have your author profile and your book on Goodreads
  • Click on Community in the menu
  • Choose Quotes
  • Find an option add a quote above the “search by tag” option
  • Fill in the necessary.
  • Save

Polls and Quizzes

These are other great opportunities to draw attention to your book. Again, there are countless polls and quizzes on Goodreads and you can follow similar directions as above. The polls can attract attention to your book because of different opinions. The quizzes can be an elaborate tool to make your future readers interested in your work. Do not make the polls and quizzes just about your work. Use very popular and well-established works as a core and slip in the lures.

Questions and Answers

This is where your book marketing gets personal. An author profile on Goodreads allows you to answer the questions from your readers that boost your profile’s and book’s visibility. You can make valuable connections here, create a sense of curiosity, show your friendly author personality, get more fans… answering questions also mean you care about your fans and you take your work seriously. You can join forces with other writers like you and make a Q&A party.

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