One Week Writing Plan

Some authors don’t need plans. They go with the flow, do not see a problem in writing ten pages one day and then not returning to the story for a month. For others, this is a cause for anxiety and feeling of failure. Here is a sample one week plan that can help you keep your writing career organized and moving forward.

This is just a basic plan. You can change the order of daily activities, add your own activities, skip some steps…

Monday1.) Revise your last week writing, have a look at your unfinished notes. Consult your book plan (if you have one).
2.) Choose two or three scenes or chapter parts you would like to write this week.
3.) Try to post a beta reader or critique partner request if you wish to establish such a connection. If you already have the wanted connections, have a chat with your betas or work on the writing of your critique partner(s).
Tuesday1.) Finish the critique for your critique partner(s). (If you have them.)
2.) Start working on your new writing. Have a daily word count goal if it helps you.
Wednesday1.) Work on your new writing.
2.) Dedicate time to research if needed.
3.) Social media engagement.
Thursday1.) Work on your new writing.
2.) Dedicate time to research if needed.
3.) Book plan check (if you have one).
Friday1.) Write, write, write!
2.) Social media engagement.
Saturday1.) Go through your new writing and do small edits. Add notes about further possible edits or needed future changes.

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