10 Furious “Said” Alternatives

Said is a solid and useful dialogue tag. But here are also other examples you can use from time to time:

“Come at me!” Johnson roared and tore his shirt.RoarTo utter or emit a full loud prolonged sound. To sing or shout with full force.
“Don’t forget your car keys!” Anne shouted after him.ShoutTo utter a sudden loud cry. To utter in a loud voice.
“Whose idea was this?” George’s deep voice bellowed.BellowTo shout in a deep voice.
“You will pay for this!” Julia yelled at the stadium.YellTo utter a loud cry, scream, or shout. To give a cheer usually in unison.
“That hurts!” Little Lesley screamed.ScreamTo voice a sudden sharp loud cry or to produce harsh high tones.
“He’s dead!” Alena shrieked on her knees.ShriekTo cry out in a high-pitched voice.
“The orders are clear!” General Johnson thundered.ThunderTo utter loudly, in a striking manner.
“No!” Alena’s ghost screeched in the pool of holy water.ScreechTo utter a high shrill piercing cry make an outcry usually in terror or pain.
“Call my secretary!” Julia fumed as she read the business news.FumedTo utter while in a state of excited irritation or anger.
“Happy birthday to you!” Anne belted despite her stuffed nose.BeltTo sing in a forceful manner or style.

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