Reasons to Kill a Character

Killing a character is a big deal. Many authors find it hard to write. Many readers grow so attached to the unfortunate victim that they even cry and complain. Death is a serious topic. Check out these reasons why a character death can be a good author decision. Or when the decision is not needed. And do not forget to share your views! Do you find it hard to read or write about this? Did some character death break your heart or did you see it as a ridiculous solution? Do you know a character who deserves death but they are still alive?

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Realistic and Diverse Characters

Creating characters that look and behave in a realistic way is one of the major challenges a writer faces. The main problem is, not a surprise, the author is just one human being. There are the personal views, experience, fears, preferences … and this, sadly, very often results in generic characters that flood the author’s work without them realizing the new protagonist in the next novel is just the short-haired, taller version of the previous one. Maybe the color of the t-shirt changed as well. And yet, this does not stop the readers from realizing the striking resemblance.

The danger that lies here is obvious. Repetition is boring. The same characters bring predictability, predictability ruins the joy of reading and, ultimately, the author may lose the audience and reputation.

However, there are a few things you can do to avoid the upper mentioned. You can also download our character sheet designed for writers for a quick and easy character creation.

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