Writing & Publishing

Find all our babbling about writing here. Hopefully, you will find something useful. And remember, do not stop writing.


Literary Agents Part 1. How to Choose Them
Literary Agents Part 2. Where to Find Them
Literary Agents Part 3. How to Approach Them

Beta readers and Critique partners

Alpha, Beta… Your Test Readers
How to Attract Beta Readers and Critique Partners
What to Have Ready for Your Beta Reader/Writing Partner

Manuscript management

Book Plan Tips
Revising Your Manuscript
Shortening your Manuscript
Schedule for Busy Writers


Saving for an Editor

Writing approaches

Realistic and Diverse Characters
Making Erotica Useful in Writing
NaNoWriMo: The Essentials You Need


The Layers of Writing – Part 1. Where
The Layers of Writing – Part 2. What
Dealing with Criticism
Instant Super Author
The Perks of Writing Competitions
The Blessings of Fanfiction
A Pen Name? Why Bother?
Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions

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