Author Interviews!

This is a place for you and your work. And it is also a place for the other lovers of literature to learn and get inspired. If you struggle with writing and marketing your books, do go through all the articles here. All the authors shared very useful advice.

The idea here is to share your personal writing journey, your struggles and joys, your biggest writing and publishing mistakes and successful decisions… Naturally, this is also a place for your promotions and all relevant links you consider appropriate will be a part of the article about you.

This type of article is going to be published twice a month. We thank all the authors who already sent their articles and are patiently waiting for their turn. For the others, do not hesitate and get involved.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the form below and contact me here: Do attach also the pictures you wish to have in your article. Expect a reply mainly from Monday to Wednesday.

Most favorite interviews:

Your Success Stories: Tahani Nelson

… as I created more and more matriarchal societies, I had to create a dialect that fit the world.

I was told on more than one occasion that an all-female cast with a POC protagonist who was also LGBT was simply not marketable, and The Last Faoii was rejected nearly 200 times. I’ve since proven those agents wrong, but at the time I was devastated.

So keep going. At whatever pace you want and into whatever universe you want to see.

Your Success Stories: R. Benjamin Wesley

My initial vision was to write a novel based upon my experiences over my thirty-year medical career. I started with a prose novel, which took place during my years as a medical resident. After writing a chapter, I decided to change my novel from fiction to science fiction/fantasy. I changed to a graphic novel format to fully utilize my creative storytelling skills and my drawing skills which I developed in childhood.

To further promote my books, I created six animated videos which I uploaded to my website, as well as Pinterest and LinkedIn.

My goal with my animated videos is to make readers more familiar with my characters and worlds in my stories.

Your Success Stories: Lynda Abernathy

I was hell-bent on securing a traditional publisher for my book. Again, I am not sure why now. I knew before I ever finished writing it that I did not want to go the self-publishing route.

Last month, my novel, After the Dash, was released for publication. That’s right – April of 2020. In the middle of a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

The book challenges readers and makes them think about some deep ideologies. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your Success Stories: Elizabeth N. Harris

It’s a huge compliment when someone sinks themselves deep into one of my books and emphasises with the characters.

I sought advice from a well-known Indie Author on how to self-publish. She gave me several steps which I set in stone and follow for all my releases now.

Each week I publicise on my site and interview with the chosen ‘Author of the Week.’ Once their week finishes, I then move their interviews to my blog.

Your Success Stories: E.B. Roshan

Though I’ve spent time in some of this world’s most troubled places, for the Shards of Sevia series, I’ve chosen to create my own setting, inspired, but not based on, any place I’ve actually lived.

As soon as I decided to publish my first book, I knew if I was going to publish at all, I wanted to self-publish. I liked the idea of having hands-on control over every step of the process, and the traditional route didn’t seem appealing.

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    1. If you wish to participate fill in the form file, send it to me along with the pictures you wish to be featured in the article and try to be as helpful as possible. The idea here is to get promoted but also help other writers with your experience, mainly with the marketing. Otherwise, be polite, respectful… the usual behavior expected of a decent human 🙂


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  2. Becky Brinkley

    As an indie writer, I’m having difficulty getting my books reviewed. I’ve sent over 100 requests to reviewers for my 4 books matching each to the reviewer’s stated genres and so far only have one review. What works?


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