7 Amiable “Said” Alternatives

Said is a solid and useful dialogue tag. But here are also other examples you can use from time to time:

“You are my little boy,” Mum cooed.CooSpeak in a soft, gentle, and loving way.
“It’s gonna be ok,” he murmured.MurmurA softly spoken or almost inaudible utterance.
“Uhm, I know. Now rest,” she hummed.HumMake a low and soft sound.
“Good night, sleep tight,” she crooned.CroonHum or sing in a soft, low voice, especially in a sentimental manner.
“I deserve a reward for this, right?” he purred from behind.PurrSpeak in a low, soft voice, especially when expressing contentment or acting seductively.
“Into the sauce, into the oven, and you on the table,” he sang low as he filled the basket with apples.Sing LowSing silently.
“Daddy, I missed you!” Chelsey chirruped in Dad’s lap.ChirrupSay something in a high-pitched, joyful voice.

See more vocabulary alternatives useful for writers! Poetic, amiable, angry, cute, and joyful said versions.

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